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Our key areas of focus are promoting sustainability, empowering our employees, and utilizing data-driven insights to aid in disaster relief efforts.

 We recognize the relationship between our company’s prosperity and the welfare of the communities in which we operate, reside, and provide our services.

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Every year TenX donates laptops to the Child Protection Bureau, a home for orphaned or neglected children. This initiative enhances the educational prospects of children by improving their computer lab, and granting them improved access to technology for learning purposes.

TenX actively supports its employees, and hosts need-basis donation drives to collect funds which are then generously matched by the company. Last year, we assisted an employee with bore drilling, providing her with access to water. Another employee was able to cover his marriage expenses through this initiative.

Small donations,
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Disaster relief

In 2022, up to 33 million Pakistan’s were displaced, and one-third of the country was underwater after the country experienced one of the worst environmental disasters in the world. TenX organized a company wide flood-relief drive and were able to collect significant amount to donate to the impacted citizens.

As the global inflation rate is projected to hit 6.5%, and with one of our office’s home countries experiencing inflation rates of over 30%, TenX is offering complimentary lunch to all employees. Through this initative, our employees will save over $2000 annually, much-needed assistance during these challenging times.

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